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About us

The 'Kilim' designs are researched and adapted from ancient rugs and kilims. In all the designs Appleton Tapestry Wool and Appleton Crewel Wool are used. Those characteristics of kilims, such as the depth of colour and the faded look have been created, where appropriate, by several strands of crewel wool in complementary tones. Most of the designs are suitable for framing and hanging.

Some of the 'Kilim' designs are adapted for cross-stitch worked on Aida. They are easy and fun to stitch and yet have a delicate lacelike quality. There are also samplers with a difference: they are all quotations from Scripture. All Aida designs are suitable for framing and hanging. For example, Psalm 104 would look lovely on a nursery wall and 'Monochrome Kilim Birds' and 'Kilim Birds' would look very much at home in the drawing room.


If you are looking for a special present for somebody, there are some made-up cushions and framed Aida work available for sale. But the numbers are limited.

Cushions themselves and the Aida work can also be commissioned. They would take about 4 weeks to stitch and such orders are non-refundable. Please contact us for a price for these.


Perhaps you have a photo you are very fond of... would you like to stitch it? Send your photo either by post or Email it to us and we will create a pattern for you for tapestry work. Your members of family, a favourite scene or your pet can be made into an art work. Needless to say your valuable photos will be returned to you.

Perhaps you have a tapestry design stitched but left in a drawer because it is distorted and you do not know how to correct it. We can stretch it for you and turn it into your favourate cushion .


Under 16 inches: £52.00 and £4.50 postage,


16 -18 inches:  £56.00 + £4.50 Postage and Packing. ( Please Note : Use the manufacturer's kit size for pricing rather than measuring the stitched work to determine the size. As the tapestry is distorted you will not get the true size by just measuring it with a tape measure. For example a 16 inch tapestry may give a measurement of 15.8 inches before being stitched but will come back to the original 16 inches when stretched).

18 inches and over: These are 'Floor Cushions' and the price is from £67.00 plus postage at cost (usually about £6.00).


The price includes backing, zip, cord (if applicable) and the cushion pad.


Do you need a design for a special occasion? A wedding? A special anniversary perhaps or a celebration of the birth of a baby. We would be delighted to design something special for you; either as a cushion or as a framed picture. Ring us at 01797 252173 and tell us what you need.


DO YOU HAVE AN OLD TAPESTRY YOU WOULD LIKE TO RE-STITCH? If you send it to us we will put it into pattern and we can either send you the pattern or prepare a kit for you. Give us a ring and have a chat...

Tapestry kits consist of canvas, wool, enlarged pattern charts, cushion making instructions and needles.

Some kits are printed.

Aida kits contain Aida, stranded cotton, enlarged pattern, needles, instructions on stitching and framing.

Trade enquiries welcome.

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